Portman and her family says hello to Paris!

     It is true that there is no place like home. Everything you have ever known, been to and people been with you can only find in the most comfortable place you have grown. Unfortunately when we grow older, opportunities become varied and wider and this also affects the decision of leaving your comfort zone.

 For sure most of us experienced being far away from our homes and families for the reasons such as education, career and personal missions for self growth. There are risks in leaving the place we are used to stay in and there are also a lot of opportunities to meet new people and to gain more experiences that give us maturity and knowledge about the world around us. One of our famous and favorite Hollywood actress might have had the same dilemma as she decides to go with her husband Benjamin Millepied and son to Paris.

Black Swan - Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman who we know from her outstanding performance in the Black Swan and No strings attached have finally decided to go with her family to Paris as her husband was given the opportunity to manage and direct Paris Opera ballet, a great opportunity for Benjamin and his family’s future and a little inconvenience as well for Natalie Portman’s work, but what’s good about this is that the family will stick together no matter what lies ahead. In New York Times interview with Benjamin, he said that the appointment given to him was a big surprise for there were many candidates for the position who are rightful and competitive as well in this expertise and with this good news he really is very excited of the given trust and opportunity to handle the Opera there. Even so, Nat’s fans out there should not fret for this does not show any signs of the end in her acting career, there are a lot of Hollywood stars who choose to live overseas and continue with the business that they love. For sure a plane’s not that hard for Natalie Portman and besides, the official turnover of the opera to Millepied will be on September 2014 where your favorite star can still make her job easy for the sake of all her admirers.

Benjamin said he’ll be bringing Natalie and their son Aleph with them and they would probably stay there as long as he’s handling the Opera there. Let us just wish this lovely family best of luck in their life and career, for this is a new opportunity for them to explore and mature.


Image via: Not Just Movies

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What’s unique? Hot pink sandals and heel less!


Girls have always loved pink. It has been a choice of color that defines and strengthens the identity of being a female. The color pink is interpreted as a color that neutralizes energy from the mixture of red and white it gives balance to the aggressiveness and fullness, it is even used before in prison cells to gradually reduce erratic behavior among prisoners. However, how much red is included in the color would suggest a different meaning as well. As we all know there are different kinds of pink colors, starting from the ordinary colors: regular pink lightened in the version of baby pink and darkened in fuchsia pink. There are even lots of varieties of pink coming out from hot pink, electric pink, carnation pink and a lot more.  With babies the cute baby pink colors would do but for women who would like to look hot and stunning in their girly outfit would probably choose hot pink over all the other hues.

If you’re a pink fan and you would like to show a hip and flashy but elegant style Guiseppe Zanotti’s new design of heels would sure be perfect for you. The pair is made in Italy with genuine leather as the soles, giving you certainty that these are nice and durable finds, it also has silver hardware to add fab and style, a suede upper material that would be perfect for any occasion adding glamour to your feet as you wear them and what’s cool about these heels is that it comes with adjustable ankle straps that will help you fix your heels comfortably and the way you want them. Aside from its striking hot pink color another thing unique about these pumps, that would surely bring attention to you when you walk the halls, is that it is heel-less! People might at first just notice the color of your pumps but eventually would be wondering where could the heel be, fascinating enough the design would still help you walk comfortably without feeling any effort to keep you on your toes. The sole where your toes and part of the feet lies is made thicker and a bit longer so it would support you evenly as well.

If you would want to bring out the pink tigress in you go and get a Guiseppe Zanotti heel less sandal!

Image via: HausofRihanna


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Who wants Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s baby?


Having a child is one of the best things most couples look forward to. Soon to be dads and moms are excited to have their own babies seeing the resemblance of each of them and having a child that they own from blood to genes. A baby never fails to bring joy to people around. That’s why everyone’s really excited at the birth of a baby. However, a Hollywood couple jokes around of giving up their baby for adoption. A lot of people were quite confused at the couple’s announcement:  is true or not. The expectant couple showed real excitement when they shared in public that they are going to have a baby soon, but now people are intrigued on how true their statement is.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were known to be together in the comedy film Hit and Run. These two comedians shared a happy love story that is envied by many. They both seem to take life lightly in the eyes of the crowd. When Dax announced that he and Kristen is having a baby, he used the statement “Kristen is going to have an elephant”. He practically jokes around even when it comes to quite serious matters and now bigger news that for sure caught the attention of many is up.

Last January 13 during the 70th Golden Globe Awards the couple was spotted in the red carpet and Kristen was interviewed about her expected child with her fiancé. She confidently showed her baby bump and shared a lot about her new and hard experiences during pregnancy. Then Dax came up with a statement that made it quite convincing to others that their not yet ready to raise a child, “We’re giving up the child for adoption”, followed by Kristen’s “If anybody wants it, let us know”.

Quite obvious – the two comedians are just fooling around but who knows maybe a bunch of people are trying to contact them now.

Anyway, whatever is on the minds of these two couples, for sure we’ll get to know about it when the baby comes out and find out in what kind of zany and wacky family will the child belong to.

Image Source: VH1

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Restore your hair’s beauty with Herbal essences collections

Herbal Essences.

Women always find it hard to look for the perfect shampoo. With the abrupt changes in our climate our hair finds it hard to maintain a natural and beautiful glow every woman dreams of. When it is very hot outside our hair tends to become frizzy as it loses the natural oils from its glands, it loses it shine and becomes dull and frizzy, when its humid our hair becomes really sticky and dirt can easily stick on the strands of it that damages the hair as well. On the other hand too much coldness also damages the hair; it can make our hair brittle most especially if the weather just suddenly changed from hot to cold. With this kind of weather our hair can also be hard to comb and prone to tangles that induce hair loss as the natural oils dry up as well.

For the search for the perfect shampoo to be over Herbal Essences is bringing back their classic collection of shampoos that made thousands of customers happy and satisfied before. If you have been a shampoo hunter during the 90’s for sure you would remember this set of brands. Herbal Essentials shampoos are known for its floral scent and relaxing herbs that promises perfect touch on the hair that you love. There are two collections to be introduced in the market, the smooth and the shine collection. The Smooth Collection contains natural ingredients that ensure protection and ultimate transformation to your once damaged hair as it contains: rose hip extracts known for its vitamin C content, Vitamin E that is said to be good for your skin and help your scalp produce the right oils to maintain a smooth and shiny hair, and jojoba extracts. The Shine collection on the other hand is a combination of chamomile, aloe vera and floral extracts which are definitely natural resources used to make our hair smooth and shiny as well.

Whether you would like to choose a shampoo from the shine or smooth collections of Herbal Essences, these are already sure good finds for the hair that you love. Herbal and natural products have always given good effects in our body and this makes us certain that these products are safe for you to use on your hair. The product does not contain sulfate and silicon that damages hair follicles so your hair’s sure safe with Herbal Essences. Come on and try it!


Image via FastCompany

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Kelly Rowland made leopard and leather a possible match!

Kelly-Rowland-ALC-Leopard-Print-Jacket-and-Azzedine-Alaia-bootsWould you dare to wear leopard prints in public? Well, if you want to feel sexy and noticeable this would sure do. Some people do all the mix and matching to make them look daringly hot or sexy, most especially during occasions where the camera flashes and there you are to make a statement. However, women find it really hard to use leopard prints to go with. Leopard prints can somehow be out of style, fashion or even off the theme. But amazingly some people can work out on it, making a whole new look that makes the awkward impression on these prints less to none.

Just like what most women won’t dare to try as pairing leopard print and leather our famous RNB singer just did the perfect trick. At her New Year’s Eve concert at Rain Nightclub in the roaring streets of Las Vegas she sure made a strong impression to the audience and caught the eyes of the media. She wore an A.L.C leopard fur savile jacket as her top, zipped it up to her chest to emphasize her cleavage. She used the jacket as her top, a risk to take with the usual pieces used for cover-ups. She paired it with black leather pants that looked perfect with her loud and daring leopard prints, creating balance and a sure check in style. She sure achieved a hot chick look by adding up an Azzeldine Alaia lace-up ankle boots showing every curve from top to bottom and placed her curly hair as a ponytail to look fresh and on the go, just like how tomb raider works with her look but now with an added seductive look. However, Kelly’s make-up got some criticisms because of her pink lipstick that made her lips bigger than the usual, though it is understandable that the artist might have just wanted to add a more feminine touch, but some just thought it might have been better if she used red lipstick to complete the theme of her look. But everything sure looked perfect.

To all the girls out there wanting to try Leopard and leather style, Kelly Rowland just made a good example to follow. A loud top doesn’t need too much accessories, so if you want leopard prints, go plain with the rest of your outfit.

 Image via Mouth to Ears

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Demi Lovato adds up to her life-inspired tattoos.

demi lovato inspirational tatoo     Before, men wear tattoos to show masculinity or to show difference in their status in the society. Some tribe leaders wear tattoos in order to be recognized as the highest authority to be followed even their families’ wear the same as sign of being in the upper class of the society. In rural places this culture is still patronized, but in most areas it is believed that having tattoos can be harmful and toxic for our body cause tint enters a person’s bloodstream. Medical institutions and companies do not allow normal transactions and even hiring if an applicant has a tattoo but even so a lot of people today still put on fancy permanents as additional style in their fashion statement. If in the late 90’s these were definitely avoided by most of the people around the world now it has just become a fashion sensation. Artists, celebrities, politicians, people young or old and even teachers give their selves needle art/s.

Demi Lovato, a great teen singer known for her talent shown in Disney’s Camp Rock discovered her love for the art as well. Demi Lovato’s tattoos are signs of her tributes for the best moments of her life. Each tattoo has its own meaning and representation. Demi has inspirational words and symbols in her right arm. Near her elbow tattoo faith she added birds soaring up to her hand. Her tattoos are made by LA Ink tattoo artist, Von D. whom the singer thanked so much for she loved the final finish in her arm. Her arm tats design can be described as birds flying from the word “faith” which could be interpreted as the place where the birds came from. They fly around her arm forming a chain of birds reaching her hand until the end of the cross she already have there. It could be interpreted that Demi acknowledges that her success at the moment comes from her faith to God that she believes in and many more that the actress and the artist can only confirm.

A lot of amazing and successful celebs have this design of inks in their bodies, birds flying up high, like Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber and Pink. People have their own reasons for having their tattoos done but you could always express yourself in different ways you want. Even if your favorite celebrities have one it is still up to you to get a tattoo or not.

 Image via: Huffington Post

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Smell the real you

    Many of us think that beauty and fashion is only based on the clothes we wear and how we look. This year a fashion designer makes an additional must in this statement – perfume. Perfumes are originally discovered from flowers’ scents and eventually bloomed from different types of aromas. They are adored by people because they add confidence of how good they smell when they get together in events, parties and more so at meetings. How we smell defines how good we handle our hygiene and surely cannot escape any one’s sense of smell. However, perfume brands have gone too far these days, some smell too strong that doesn’t make it appealing to the crowd anymore, but still it depends on the way you like it. And here’s a person who just made it the way she want it.

L’Wren Scott Fragrance

L’Wren Scott Fragrance


L’Wren Scott one of the well-known fashion designers in the industry comes up with a new way to bring out the beauty of every women. Aside from designing clothes for celebrities and TV personnel and her own signature cloth line L’Wren Scott tries to enter the perfumery industry. Our favorite designer believes that perfumes should be just the thing to enhance who you are as a person not to bring you all the way all day. Perfumes shouldn’t be too loud and they should just blend in and make you smell better. She announced her new innovative idea in a sumptuous dinner and celebrities sure laid eyes on her new perfume. She worked with Ralf Schwiger who also worked at Marc Jacobs Men and YSL Baby doll, which ensures her of the best outcome. They designed their perfume to smell spicy and sensual featuring a blend of absinthe, marigold, jasmine, Brazilian patchouli, and musk – all in one bottle – a sure ”must smell”. The perfume will be carried by Barney’s before it is brought to stores all over the world.

If you are looking for a new scent that will absolutely emphasize the unique you and will never over power the real you, try L’Wren Scott’s Signature perfume. From the home of the bests in the fashion industry, you would surely be satisfied.

Image Via: The Window, Insider Fashion Access

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A balm that gives you a healthy smile

Pomegranate Raspberry Lipbalm

December is usually the season of chapped lips. The cold weather easily dries up natural oils and moist excreted by our pores making it dry and prone to breakage. Our glands produce liquid substances that make our skin naturally smooth and healthy, but if these dry up it causes damage in our skin. As winter comes lip cracks and causes irritation, wounds and when worse comes to worst difficulty in eating. This could be every woman or man’s dilemma may they be young or old. But in this generation everything’s given a solution but the question is how effective could they be. Compared to hundreds of lip balm brands all over the world may they be expensive or cheap, EOS made its name to become one of the brands that can give the best results you’ll ever want for lip care.

EOS worked long enough to get the trust of its faithful clients over the years of its existence. Now, they introduce the new member of the lip balm family, EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm. This is infused with antioxidant rich ingredients that would be suitable for all ages enabling full protection of your lips against harmful elements. It has vitamin E, shea butter to sooth the skin and jojoba oil for additional moisture. It also comes with a yummy and zesty fruity flavor that everyone would practically love. The fruity lip balm comes in a spherical tube that is easy store and can be easily used to glide on your lips giving an easy way to use as well. You won’t have any problem using a lip balm that tastes too minty, bitter or oily. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm has the two flavors in one already that would surely be loved by you and children as well for a price of 3.29 USD, the deal is not bad at all.

Though the design of the container itself might not be applicable for men EOS has a variety of designs that could be suitable for everyone. EOS has been keeping its promise for years already as it serves as a –  “lip balm that makes you smile”. May you enjoy the holidays with a big and healthy smile.

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A simple hit for Gangnam fans


    This October, Psy made a huge break in the music industry with his addictive song Gangnam style. Everyone all over the world may they be young or old dance to the tune of the music hit. At first people just say the music video is funny but when word spread all over the world obviously the majority loved it. The song is welcomed at home, embraced in school and played in malls, parties not just in Psy’s country but internationally.

This production has gained lots of positive and negative criticisms, some are related to its meaning and influence to the youth today and some are to the possible predictions of the world’s destruction on 2012. Gangnam style is said to be based on Psy’s experience in living in a city in Korea which follows the western culture which is known as Gangnam. They say that Koreans are so much into mimicking Western culture and Gangnam is just like the exact portrayal of it, like Vegas in the United States. The video itself shows different scenarios that can be readily associated to American culture. However, the music hit condemns American culture and tries to send a message of contentment. On the other hand Nostradamus once predicted that before the end of the world one sign would include the a 9 digit number controversial to everyone which is believed to be true with Gangnam style, as it is danced all over the world by Hollywood superstars such as Britney Spears and official icons such as President Barrack Obama, hitting million views in Youtube that could reach to a billion views.

Whatever Psy’s Gangnam style may relate to, he surely beat a lot of artists as he ranks number one in Youtube as of this month and influenced a lot of people to dance his style.  There are kids who don’t even eat without the video as their appetizer. This might not be Psy’s intention as the artist said all he wanted was a hit that will be known all over the world. Well, Psy’s prayer was answered and now everyone anywhere would never miss to play a Gangnam style hit.

Image via Viral Blog

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A crowning glory with honey


A woman’s hair is said to be a woman’s crowning glory. When the hairstyle changes the image changes. This is why you can see women who consistently style their hairs form once a year to once a month; getting perms, rebonds, locks, colors etc. In return the hair becomes frizzy, dry and filled with fighting split ends – all results of an abused and damaged hair. Women today are introduced to a wide variety of fashion trends to follow in styling their once virgin hairs and in result damages happen. Salons offer different types of treatment for each problem hot oils, keratin treatments, hair spas and the like. Out of desperation most clients see these as an easy catch of a helping hand not seeing the time and cost spent on treatments that give gradual effects. To give justice to your once beautiful hairs without that much waste of hours and resources Lush released just the right treatment for all hair types.

Lush’s Fair Trade Honey Shampoo is filled with big amounts of honey to keep your hair perfectly silky and shiny. Honey has a chemical ingredient that restores damaged hair, it gives additional balance and life to hair strands who once lost it. Lush intends to give women the right treatment that will be easy and safe for everyday use with its natural ingredients. Fair Trade Honey shampoo contains honey, Linseed mucilage added to smoothen and moisturize hair, neroli a plant oil that gives sweet aroma to the mixture, bergamot for scalp care and geranium oils for the relaxing feel. Lush Fair Trade Honey shampoo has got it all for women who are in bad need of a hair treatment.  You don’t really need to go to salon every week to have a hair treatment when all you need is the best formula to use everyday for better and faster results for your hair damage.

If your hair stresses you right now try Lush’s offer today and give back life to that crowning glory!

Image via Skin deep Beauty Blog

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