Paris Hints Sarcasm on Tweet about Family

27 Jul

Paris Jackson's Tribute to his Father        Breaking entertainment news reports places Randy Jackson in a repulsive light as he came swinging against the executors of his brother’s estate. According to Randy, the executors were criminals. He added that they falsified Michael’s last will and testament for their own personal gain. The ugly part is that Michael’s daughter, Paris, had a different take on the issue. Based on Paris made a tweet hinting sarcasm which states “Family’ they said”.

Paris Jackson

During Randy’s interview on MSBNBC’s Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, he explained the reason on why he and his siblings disapprove on John Branca and John MacClain’s role as executors. He said that they feel that there was a criminal misconduct. He even claimed that the two faked Michael’s will. Randy is firm on his belief that he can prove that the two faked the document because apparently according to him, MJ was in New York on the day that he supposedly signed the document while in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Randy’s argument has a big flaw since he is relating a story based on a witness who has had only forgotten the city where he was in at the time that the will was signed. Witnesses saw Michael as he signed the document and this was already validated by the court. Moreover, as stated on the TMZ report, even if the will gets invalidated Randy and his siblings were still cut from Michael’s fortune and nevertheless Branca is the legitimate executor.

Randy Jackson        TMZ also indicated that based on their multiple sources, the situation is considered a “money grab”. MJ’s siblings knew that once MJ’s mother, Katherine Jackson dies, the money shall go to his children and Randy as well as the other siblings is not entitled to any amount. The problem of the family seems to be escalating as Katherine was reportedly missing. Previously, the family clarified that she was taken to Arizona to escape the frenzy within the household. It is assumed that this confusion within the Jackson home was caused by the will dispute on Michael’s estate. Some family members such as Marlon Jackson even broke in tears during an interview because he was informed late of the move to transfer his mother to Arizona.

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