MTV Resurrects the “House of Style”

31 Jul


    The year 2012 marks the resurrection of some hit fashion programs on television. Based on the recent announcement of MTV, it is bringing the “House of Style” back to life. Cindy Crawford once hosted the show followed by Rebecca Romijn and Molly Sims. The show was also credited for making the aforementioned models as household names. The House of Style is set to return in fall with a new host.

MTV House of Style Before

As a backgrounder, it ran from 1989 to 2000. It featured the fascinating world of modeling, fashion and celebrities. Moreover, the House of Style attracted big names from the designing world such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld. In addition, controversial topics like eating disorders were also featured. During The new House of Styleits 11-year run, Joshua Homnick and Steve Paley previously directed it. After Crawford left the show, the orders for the episodes were reduced until it was abridged into a yearly special and then finally canceled in 2000. The show is slated to run from various MTV platforms, which includes a TV program, web and an iPhone application. The announcement regarding the new host is expected to be made formally on September 6 at the night of the MTV Video Music Awards. The show’s archives were added at the MTV website as a promotion for the upcoming program. A clip showing Cindy Crawford as she was visiting a young Will Smith at the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air highlights it. According to a yahoo news report, a documentary shall air on August 7 entitled “House of Style: Music, Models and MTV”. On the other hand, the show is formally returning on October 9.

It seemed like more and more programs related to fashion were being revived following an internet buzz on Andrej Pejic’s television program. Pejic is the androgynous male model who donned Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway on January 2011 and was the product endorser for Hema’s push up bra’s. According to Pejic’s agency, he will host a TV program, which will surely set the fashion trends 2012.  Based on the reports, the internet was swarmed with articles and queries about Pejic. Producers may then view the move as a way to get some audience since the trend signaled the revival of the public’s interest on fashion.
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