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AI Judges Yet to Be Finalized; Stirs up Controversies


      As fate would have it, the final line-up of the judges for the incoming season of the American Idol would have to wait for some time more.

     Apparently, Mariah Carey, who was initially promised a spot in the final roster of judges for the new AI season judges, was apparently taken for a ride. Recent developments point out to pop sensation Nicki Minaj as a top celebrity candidate to make the cut.

     According to reports Carey was called by AI staff and was told that Minaj could probably get the slot initially offered to her. The songstress reportedly hung up her phone in a clear sign of dismay over the news

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on new music video - Up Out My Face

Mariah Carey ft. Nicki Minaj

     Meanwhile, long-time AI judge and mainstay Randy Jackson’s fate is still yet to be confirmed. TMZ reported that whether or not Jackson will once more suit up to judge the show is still yet to be determined pending negotiations. However, the possible scenario could be that Jackson may not return to the show. In such case, this will surely open up a spot for other possible celebrity judges.

    According to reports, celebs who could possibly be tapped to do judging chores include heavyweights such as Enrique Iglesias, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban. According to TMZ, there are two possibilities given the current scenarios: first, with Randy Jackson out, AI producers need to fill in his spot to have the required three. Second, to appease irritated Carey, AI staff needs to get her, too, together with Minaj.

Mariah Carey and the possible line up of AI judges

     According to reports, celebs who could possibly be tapped to do judging chores include heavyweights such as Enrique Iglesias, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban. According to TMZ, there are two possibilities given the current scenarios: first, with Randy Jackson out, AI producers need to fill in his spot to have the required three. Second, to appease irritated Carey, AI staff needs to get her, too, together with Minaj.

     According to the said proponents of the scenarios, two female judges and one male judge may not end out a truly sellable idea for AI viewers and critics. With this, the possibility of a fourth judge is not too far out in the horizon. Depending on who the fourth judge would be, it u either be boon or bane.

     With all these scenarios coming into play prior to the start of the new American Idol season, it would be very interesting to keep a close eye on future developments concerning the show. As they love to say: let’s cross the bridge when we get there.

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The Biggest News in the Worlds of Hollywood and Entertainment Today

    Having headache thinking about all the crazy news stories that have been circulating in the industries of Hollywood and entertainment today?

    With all the recent developments and shocking events that have been happening lately, it’s really all too easy to lost track of the essential news that you should be keeping an eye on. As it is, for the past month and weeks up to today, Hollywood in particular and the entertainment world in general become witnesses to the most shocking and hottest scandals and news stories involving some of the biggest stars and celebrities in the planet.

    So, to make life easier for you, we’ve decided to compile the recent celebrity news items that have recently shocked and caught many by complete surprise:

    Director Tony Scott’s death by suicide. In a completely saddening news, Top Gun director Tony Scott jumped some 200 feet to his death in a Los Angeles suspension bridge. The news of the filmmaker’s death shocked colleagues, fans, and family members. Up to now, investigations are on-going on what could be the ultimate motive for the director’s suicide.

DIrector Tony Scott

     Jimmy Kimmel’s move to challenge Jay Leno and David Letterman. In a surprise and gutsy move, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and producers of his show Jimmy Kimmel Live have decided to move its time slot to 11:35 p.m. The said decision will pit Kimmel head to head with biggies like Leno and Letterman, and came on the eve of his show’s 10th anniversary.

Leno, Kimmel and Letterman (from left to right) Matchup

     Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to second child. The 33-year-old reality star Kourtney Kardashian has just given birth to Penelope Scotland Disick, her second child. Apparently, Kourtney even had to pull out her daughter herself, just like what she did to her first child, Mason.

Kourtney Kardashian with her family

     Donna D’Errico abandons search for Noah’s Ark remains. D’Errico, the bombshell who once played a role in the hit TV series Baywatch, has finally decided to cut short her dreams of finding the remains of the biblical Noah’s Ark. The said move was made following a near-death slip during the filming of a documentary in Mount Ararat, Turkey. And while D’Errico didn’t find the elusive ark, she did find some sanity to just let go of an extremely risky endeavour.

Actress Donna D'Errico

Image Source: Corbis Images (Donna D’Errico) (Tony Scott) | NewsMediaImages | ScreenCrush




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Sensible Tips on Style and Fashion for Men

To be brutally honest about it, coming up with a sensible list of tips concerning style and fashion for men is like rocket science—your IQ and EQ needs to be over the charts to be able to pull it off without a single glitch happening.

This is because what works for one man may not necessarily work for another. However, just like other rules of thumb, men’s fashion also has its own set of unwritten rules that are most often than not based on experience and a dash of common sense.

So, take a quick read of the following tips for men’s fashion and style:

Matching socks with your pants’ color.

Match socks with your pants’ color. Now, this one’s pretty much obvious. No self-respecting man should ever wear white socks to go with a nice pair of slacks and suit. That would be just revolting! Spare the white, cotton socks for your gym trips. And oh, by the way, the unofficial socks rules also state that you only wear thick cotton socks with rubber shoes, and the thin, colored ones with slacks or casual jeans.

Say no to clip-on ties, or ties that are neon-colored. Even if some smartass is willing to give it to you for free, never ever grab that offer! You see, ties are an important accessory that normally goes with formal suits and office long sleeves. The most common styles of ties include diagonal stripes, plaids, modern polka dots, and the like. Just keep in mind that your tie should perfectly complement your overall attire to becoming a laughing stock.

Advisable neck ties

Buy at least two types of men’s watches. Generally, it’s advisable to have a watch with a metal strap, preferably in silver or gold finish. This watch type will go well with a formal or smart casual attire. Also, try to buy another one, this one with a rubber or fabric strap. This type of men’s watch is perfect for lazy Sunday strolls or promenade at parks.

watch with rubber or plastic strap is perfrect for casual attires

watch with plastic or fabric strap

Watch with metal straps are perfect for office attires

Watch with metal strap

Match your shoes with your belt, and vice versa. A lot of men make the mistake of wearing ill-matched belts and shoes, ending up like a clown gone mad. The simple rule is that is you wear rubber shoes, try to go for a belt that is made of fabric; for leather shoes, of course, settle for a leather belt.

try to go for a belt that is made of fabric; for leather shoes, of course, settle for a leather belt.

Image Sources: A blog to read | 123RF | Brooks Brothers

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2012’s Hottest Women’s Hairstyles

     For many women, their hair is their crowning glory. As such, a lot of them go the extra mile just to ensure that their manes always look tamed and manageable, especially when going out on special occasions. In fact, some women would even lose sleep over a hair problem!

     As it is, hair problems are part and parcel of women’s overall quest to look good and feel good about themselves. This is apart from their other fashion concerns on their makeup, clothing, shoes, and bags.

     Now, if you’re wondering which latest hair trend for women dominates this year’s fashion circles, then take a quick read of this short but significant list:

Half-up hair. Picture legendary actress Brigitte Bardot and singer Adele. This hairstyle is both sexy and classy, cute and sleek. Whether it’s a business lunch you’re going to, or a romantic dinner date at a posh restaurant, this ‘do will perfectly suit you.

Adele's Half-up Hairstyle

Adele’s Half-up Hairstyle

Tousled flapper bob. Pop royalty Miley Cyrus once sported this fun and quirky hairdo. It’s perfect for women with short, curly hair type, but even those with long manes can also have this ‘do with just a few tricks.

Tousled flapper bob Hair style


Twist and double-twist. Imagine Twilight star Kristen Stewart.This hair trendis ideal for women with chin-length or longer hair type, and will look good no matter what hair color you have. Even minus any accessory, you could easily sport this ‘do and head to where you’re supposed to go.

 Kristen Stewart's Twist and double-twist hairdo

Kristen Stewart’s Twist and double-twist hairdo


Equestrian ponytail. A lot of pretty faces in Hollywood have been spotted sporting this very simple, yet very girly hairstyle. This is perfect for women who are always on the go, since all it requires is a hairbrush and a leather or rubber band. This is perfect for women with long, straight hair.

Equestrian ponytail hairstyle

Equestrian ponytail hairstyle

     These are just some of the hottest hairstyles for women this year. Whichever one you eventually choose to have, keep in mind that you have to consider carefully the occasion you’re going to, your dress, as well as your hair type and color. It’s because these factors incidentally could make or break your overall look, and could determine people’s basic impression of you.

Image Source : Nicky Clarke | natashatynanwriter |

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Improving Yourself by Knowing the Latest Celebrity Fashion Trend

Before you learn to love other people, you should first learn to appreciate yourself. Remember, no one may love you more than you do to yourself so you should take necessary actions which will make you feel good and confident all the time. Knowing that you look good not only boosts your self-confidence, but it will also give you the boost you need to face challenges in life.

Having insecurities about yourself because you feel that you do not dress well or you do not have the beauty others have might only negatively affect the way you deal with other people so you need to make sure that this will not happen to you. One way to improve your appearance is by dressing properly. If you do not know what types of clothes will best suit you and are popular in the society at present, then you need to be updated with the latest development in the fashion industry. By knowing the styles of the hottest celebrities at present, you may be able to imitate such styles in a way which will enable you to show your best features.

Rachel Berry geek chic fashion sense

Rachel Berry geek chic fashion sense

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner is a lady in black

Katy Perry's cutout dress

Katy Perry’s cutout dress

Aside from knowing the latest trend in celebrity fashion, here are also some ways on how to improve your style and looks:


  • Wear make-up in order to enhance your facial features. However, you need to be careful when choosing the shade of your blush-on or lipstick because if the color does not match your getup or age, then your make-up may not do anything to improve your appearance.

It is also not advisable on your part to wear heavy make-up when you are just out for grocery. Instead, you can go out with little or no make-up so that your skin may not be irritated due to extensive make-up use.

  • Know which colors and designs match. The blouse you are wearing should complement your pants or skirt and vice versa. In addition, you may want to match up old clothes with new ones so that you do not have to spend much money buying new clothes every now and then. This way, you can spend your money on beauty products you might need in the future.



Image Source: SodaBottle

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Beauty Tips for Teens

Girls Looking at Mirror for Makeup

     As a normal teenager, your lifestyle might include going to school, hanging out with your friends after classes or during the weekends, and going to the mall with your family members if you have free time. It is natural that you would want to look good, especially if you think that a guy in your class looks cute and you want him to notice you.

     Knowing what type of makeups to use may not be that easy, especially since you are surrounded by other girls who might also be facing such ordeal. If you want to know beauty tips, one of the things you can do is to surf the internet, since it can be an effective research tool for people. Remember, you likely have your own preference when it comes to your looks so having basic knowledge regarding make-up colors may already be enough for you.

     Regardless if you are pampering yourself for a special someone or a crush or you just want to look good so that you will feel confident about yourself, here are some reminders that you ought to keep in mind:

  • Teen Applying MakeupApplying heavy make-up is not advisable for teens. If you are 13 to 19-years-old, wearing too much make-up may not be good for you because it may only make you look older. Remember, you will only go through this phase once in your life so you might as well enjoy every minute of it. There is no need for you to try to make yourself look older. Instead, you can just try to emphasize your youthful look by wearing light makeup. Remember, putting heavy make-up may also result in skin irritation, thus causing you more problems in the end.
  • Remove your makeup once you get home. After you go to a party or on a date, make sure that you will remove your makeup before going to sleep. You are still young so your skin might easily get irritated if you continue to use make-up even when there is no need to do so. You should also try to look natural if you are just going to the mall with your family by simply applying powder on your face as well as lip gloss.


Image Source: Corbis Image | Allaboutfashiongossips

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Buying Skin Products through the Internet: Why is it Advisable?

Basket Full of Beauty Products

     At present, the internet is used not only to do research due to a school or office work, but also to buy and sell products. Since it is being accessed by many people every day, it may be an effective tool for advertisers who want to reach out to many people and for consumers who are looking for the best product for them.

     If you have an internet connection at home or you can connect to it using your cell phone, then it may be easier for you to have access to different websites and to gather information about certain topics, especially about skin products.

You can use the internet when choosing the best skin product for you. Here are some reasons why is it advisable for you to buy and research about skin products online:

  • Buy and Sell ButtonsReading comments– If you are interested in buying a certain product but you first want to know if it is effective, you can read comments posted by internet users who have already bought and used such product. This will enable you to know if many people are satisfied with the quality of the product and if they feel that it is worth their hard earned money. If many of the posters were happy with the product, then you might feel the same after buying it. However, if many were not satisfied with it, you can then try to find another brand which you think will suit you.
  • You can have a direct communication with the seller. If the seller is using the internet in order to market or sell the product, you might be provided with a way to communicate with the company. If this is the case, then you can send your questions and concerns in the aim of getting answers which will encourage you to buy the product.
  • You can compare the features of different beauty products online. If you want to buy a certain product but you are not sure which brand is the best one for you, then you can surf the internet in order to find out the features of each brand. This will allow you to make a decision easier and


Image Source: iDiva | Thinking Business and Finance


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