Rustic Statement Necklaces Are Here To Stay

08 Aug

Girls are going gaga for chic accessories these days. The most in demand would be that of the statement necklace. Unlike before where women opt to wear the pearly little ones or the more fancy diamond studded necklaces, these days fashion is inclined to the homespun, artisanal and crafted variety. More and more women are going for the rustic look. Since the fast faced world favors jeans and shirts as more convenient than elaborate dresses, so does necklaces. The change started three years ago and up until now, it seems that the trend never did go away

Sample of a Rustic Necklace

Sample of a Rustic Necklace

Sample of a Rustic Necklace

Sample of a Rustic Necklace

     According to Vogue, the famed magazine, these necklaces were far bigger than their former counterparts. They were described as mixed metals with earthy hues. Such can be worn with jeans and shirts as well as cocktail dresses.  It was even added that buying big rustic necklaces were a good investment for the Fall Fashion. Summer is described as a season for lesser accessories and more on the pastel colors. It would be indeed awkward to wear heavy, dark-richly colored ornaments during a sunny day. However, as the calendar hits the “Ber” months it will be apparent that more and more celebrities will wear chic garnishes and surely one of these would include earthy toned necklaces. These would be soon tagged as the new fashion trend. Even the Asian market is slowly getting a liking for this variety of trinkets. The reason for this is that the earthy tones are great for prepping pale skin tones. It warms the colors and contrasts the complexion of the wearer. These accessories would look great for tanned beauties as well. They blend into the color of the wearer’s skin and will provide that fashionista look.

Furthermore, it saves a lot of money rather than buying another accessory for an eveningwear. The flexibility of the said necklaces was convenient for tight budgeted fashion enthusiast. Vogue even spotted the famed Russian Harper’s Bazaar editor Miroslava Duma who was sporting the look. Duma is now a freelance writer for numerous fashion publications in Russia. She is currently and international fashion icon. Through wearing the accessory, Duma affirms that rustic necklaces are here to stay.




Image Source: Corbis Images | Google Image Search

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