2012’s Hottest Women’s Hairstyles

15 Aug

     For many women, their hair is their crowning glory. As such, a lot of them go the extra mile just to ensure that their manes always look tamed and manageable, especially when going out on special occasions. In fact, some women would even lose sleep over a hair problem!

     As it is, hair problems are part and parcel of women’s overall quest to look good and feel good about themselves. This is apart from their other fashion concerns on their makeup, clothing, shoes, and bags.

     Now, if you’re wondering which latest hair trend for women dominates this year’s fashion circles, then take a quick read of this short but significant list:

Half-up hair. Picture legendary actress Brigitte Bardot and singer Adele. This hairstyle is both sexy and classy, cute and sleek. Whether it’s a business lunch you’re going to, or a romantic dinner date at a posh restaurant, this ‘do will perfectly suit you.

Adele's Half-up Hairstyle

Adele’s Half-up Hairstyle

Tousled flapper bob. Pop royalty Miley Cyrus once sported this fun and quirky hairdo. It’s perfect for women with short, curly hair type, but even those with long manes can also have this ‘do with just a few tricks.

Tousled flapper bob Hair style


Twist and double-twist. Imagine Twilight star Kristen Stewart.This hair trendis ideal for women with chin-length or longer hair type, and will look good no matter what hair color you have. Even minus any accessory, you could easily sport this ‘do and head to where you’re supposed to go.

 Kristen Stewart's Twist and double-twist hairdo

Kristen Stewart’s Twist and double-twist hairdo


Equestrian ponytail. A lot of pretty faces in Hollywood have been spotted sporting this very simple, yet very girly hairstyle. This is perfect for women who are always on the go, since all it requires is a hairbrush and a leather or rubber band. This is perfect for women with long, straight hair.

Equestrian ponytail hairstyle

Equestrian ponytail hairstyle

     These are just some of the hottest hairstyles for women this year. Whichever one you eventually choose to have, keep in mind that you have to consider carefully the occasion you’re going to, your dress, as well as your hair type and color. It’s because these factors incidentally could make or break your overall look, and could determine people’s basic impression of you.

Image Source : Nicky Clarke | natashatynanwriter |

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