Sensible Tips on Style and Fashion for Men

22 Aug

To be brutally honest about it, coming up with a sensible list of tips concerning style and fashion for men is like rocket science—your IQ and EQ needs to be over the charts to be able to pull it off without a single glitch happening.

This is because what works for one man may not necessarily work for another. However, just like other rules of thumb, men’s fashion also has its own set of unwritten rules that are most often than not based on experience and a dash of common sense.

So, take a quick read of the following tips for men’s fashion and style:

Matching socks with your pants’ color.

Match socks with your pants’ color. Now, this one’s pretty much obvious. No self-respecting man should ever wear white socks to go with a nice pair of slacks and suit. That would be just revolting! Spare the white, cotton socks for your gym trips. And oh, by the way, the unofficial socks rules also state that you only wear thick cotton socks with rubber shoes, and the thin, colored ones with slacks or casual jeans.

Say no to clip-on ties, or ties that are neon-colored. Even if some smartass is willing to give it to you for free, never ever grab that offer! You see, ties are an important accessory that normally goes with formal suits and office long sleeves. The most common styles of ties include diagonal stripes, plaids, modern polka dots, and the like. Just keep in mind that your tie should perfectly complement your overall attire to becoming a laughing stock.

Advisable neck ties

Buy at least two types of men’s watches. Generally, it’s advisable to have a watch with a metal strap, preferably in silver or gold finish. This watch type will go well with a formal or smart casual attire. Also, try to buy another one, this one with a rubber or fabric strap. This type of men’s watch is perfect for lazy Sunday strolls or promenade at parks.

watch with rubber or plastic strap is perfrect for casual attires

watch with plastic or fabric strap

Watch with metal straps are perfect for office attires

Watch with metal strap

Match your shoes with your belt, and vice versa. A lot of men make the mistake of wearing ill-matched belts and shoes, ending up like a clown gone mad. The simple rule is that is you wear rubber shoes, try to go for a belt that is made of fabric; for leather shoes, of course, settle for a leather belt.

try to go for a belt that is made of fabric; for leather shoes, of course, settle for a leather belt.

Image Sources: A blog to read | 123RF | Brooks Brothers

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