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Be a Hand-me-down Fashionista

Let’s face it one way or another we have to spend in order to achieve our dream looks. But that does not mean that we have to swipe our credit cards and get drown by debts in the long run. Truth is, you can achieve your dream look without spending too much, how? Simple, visit thrift stores. You may not believe it but even famous personalities do shop at thrift stores so there’s no reason to be ashamed. But as you know, the products in thrift store are not as good as new because practically, they are already used. Fret not, because you could still score the best piece of outfit by being wise and practical. The following are the to-do list you must keep in my mind once you enter thrift store.

Bring your favourite celebrity outfit photo: You have to have a “steal-her-look” photo. This will serve as your reference in order for you to have an easier time in picking up the items. However, being spontaneous is a good thing, so never ever copy the whole reference, make your own modification, you have to set your OWN taste. You wouldn’t like to look like a petty copycat, would you?

Be keen in the items’ details: Again, you have to remember that the items that you are purchasing in a thrift store are already used so do not expect them to look perfectly nice. Be keen in seeing some damages and don’t buy something out of haze that you cannot use eventually because you overlook the damages.

Thrist Store

Bring a budget goal: Challenge yourself! Score a gorgeous look without making your wallet suffer. Bring only the money that you aspire you spend on shopping at thrift store. In that way, you will really become careful and cautious in bagging that perfect piece.

Be Patient: There are piles of items that you will see in a thrift store and sometimes it is really hard to get the items that you want. So be patient in raiding every rack.

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Will Rob find love in a hopeless place? Rihanna says you da one

Rihanna making her moves to close Robert Pattinson

     Entertainment gossip websites have been closely following pop star Rihanna as rumors about her attempts of making contact with “Twilight” superstar Robert Pattinson. People close to the singer have confirmed that “RiRi” has met Pattinson several times and thinks that the latter very cute. In those times that the two met, the source said that nothing came out of those meetings. That is because Robert was still attached to his Twilight co-star and now ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. It has been said that stealing somebody else’s man is not something that Rihanna is capable of doing.

     Now we all know that Robert is mending a broken heart after he found out that Kristen has been unfaithful with him. KStew admitted that she have been having an affair with her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director, Rupert Sanders. Whether Robert is ready for a new relationship or not, one thing’s for sure—now is the best time to be his friend to comfort him as he nurses his aching heart and crushed ego. And after Rihanna in ‘disturbia’, after ‘rude boy’ Chris Brown got a little too ‘hard’ and turned violent with her. Is there really a chance for them to be together?

     Will the ugly parting of the Twilight stars and Rihanna’s equally nasty break-up with Chris Brown be the beginning of “Rattinson”? Will Robert make moves to make Rihanna his only girl (in the world)? RiRi has recently got Rob’s phone number from a mutual friend and have been trying to comfort him under the care of her umbrella. While Rob thought that someone Punk’d him at first, and he has been resisting her, Rihanna’s comforting message has been on pon de replay. Will Riri really begin to make a move on Rob? Would Robert let Rihanna share with him her umbrella to comfort him? Is it really the time that Rob and Riri finds love in this hopeless place? With the way Robert has been turning her down, it will not be easy for Rihanna.

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No slowing down for “mean girl” herself

    Just how Lindsay Lohan can be even more controversial? Well, according to a known entertainment website, the completely messed up 26-year-old trashed a $50,000 a 38-foot vintage trailer. This was no ordinary old trailer though; this was once owned by Elizabeth Taylor herself. Based on reports, Angel Alger, a Taylor fanatic had bought the trailer where Taylor’s romance with Richard Burton began for $50,000 last June

Taylor's Trailer after use by Lindsay Lohan

Taylor’s Trailer after use by Lindsay Lohan

Before the trailer has been sold to Alger, the previous owner had previous contracts that the collector had to honor. One of those contracts is that Alger would allow the trailer to be used for the Lifetime film Liz & Dick that stars Lohan for two days. Alger said that she allowed the use of the trailer for the movie since she was promised that “it would come back in pristine condition and in even better condition than it was at that time”. However, when the trailer was given back to Alger, she found serious damage on the trailer including broken mirrors, cigarette burns, and missing furniture. Estimate for the amount of damage on the vintage trailer amounted to a staggering $100,000.

Alger was definitely unhappy with what happened to her prized possession saying “Only a psychotic and rebellious person or people would steal irreplaceable museum belongings and leave it in this vandalized condition. When asked for comments, Lindsay’s representative Steve Honig said he doesn’t understand how his client, who happens to be a huge fan of Taylor would do such thing. Instead, Honig said that the media should ask the producers about the issue. The management of the famed Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont said that Lohan is no longer welcome in their hotel for allegedly failing to pay a bill totaling more than $46,000 from her recent stay.

Lohan was at the peak of her career when she started getting tagged in various controversies such as numerous DUI cases, and theft. These always got her in the headlines of Hollywood news and gossip and made her the favorite target of most comedians, using her and the controversies she got involved in with their punch lines.

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Simple fashion tips for you: Common sense is good fashion sense

Simple yet fashionable collection of garments

     Looking good isn’t easy. Even the most beautiful woman can lose some style points if she’s wearing a crappy outfit. So how in the world can one stay fashionable all the time? Okay, you probably know that in the world of fashion, everything is ever changing—and it is changing fast. That is why you should always keep yourself in the know so that you won’t be left behind. Now here are some very useful fashion tips that you can keep in mind to achieve that hip look, each and every time.

  • Fashion-accessoriesStay updated with the latest fashion trends – Fashion TV, fashion blogs, and the latest news. Read and know them and understand what they are trying to say. This way, you won’t have to experiment much on which clothes or set of accessories mix and match.
  • Keep that stash of your good-looking clothes and accessories. Like history, fashion trends always tend repeat itself. Keeping a pair of leggings or that animal print scarf in your closet. You’d never know when it’ll be hip again and that’ll save you an awful lot of money. Sometimes, old articles of clothing and accessories possess that vintage look that newer products don’t have. No need to spend a fortune to keep yourself looking hip.
  • Keep your own sense of style – Those magazines, blogs, or news sites that carry the latest fashion news can come handy to give you an idea on your next potential look. That does not mean though that you have to always follow every bit of them. Look hip and classy while keeping your look personal by giving it your touch.

     And that’s it. Don’t try too hard for there are just some things that don’t look that good on you. Sometimes, you have to go and check which piece of clothing suits you and what accessories complement your overall look. In very rare occasions, you must also consider not going with what’s the fad and just err in the side of caution. It wouldn’t hurt to try and wear clothes that are relatively “out of fashion” at times. Just follow these simple fashion tips and you might even surprise yourself as well as others with those combinations that you create.

Image Source: Miss Kheti Blog | Fadufashion

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Latest trends from fall 2012: as published in printed and online fashion magazines

     Autumn is fast approaching. In a couple of days’ time, summer outfits will be out of style as fast as the leaves from trees fall off the ground. If you want to remain a step ahead of the game, don’t wait for printed fashion magazines and check out that online fashion magazine site you regularly visit and know the new trends before summer is officially over.

Here are just some of the latest trends this coming fall according as published in an online fashion magazine:

  • Skirts are out, pantsuits are in. Most designers are bringing these pantsuits back from the dead. So take your pick from your favorite pantsuit design. Whether you have a modern layered ensemble or a cropped and flared retro pair, you’re definitely in strutting your stuff fashionably this fall.

Pant Suits are IN this Fall 2012

  • Gold is bold. The color is making a big comeback this season as designers are thinking of a fall full of sequins, shiny, glittery sheens and pailettes.

Gold Colored accessories and dresses are IN

  • The bigger, the better. The French and the Spaniards have just made it clear that bigger, more comfortable oversized outerwear and roomy, comfy trousers. Old baggy pants not included.


  • Mesh that mashes. From California to France, more and more designers are digging the webby, grille-like patterns as can be seen in the embroidery designs that their collections flash.

     Mesh DressSports Wear Mesh

  • Renaissance reminiscent. Shakespearean fashion will be the thing this fall. It will be an ornate baroque flourishes or mimicked tapestries love affair this coming season
  • Waxing hot to keep you warm during fall. Outerwear, separates and accessories gleamed from runways around the world, sporting their waxed on treatment.
  • Velvet is perfect.With the colder weather in fall, the crisp and smooth texture of velvet is just the right one for the colder and longer nights of the season.

    Velvet gowns

  • Attention!!! Fall in!!! This fall, the military fatigue-inspired designs are back! Peacoats, epaulette with luxe fabrics and fitted silhouettes command attention. So jump on that military-inspired ensemble and be ready for your daily battles this season.

    Fatigue-Inspired Dresses

Feels like déjà vu, isn’t it? Fashion trends do come and go. Just like history, these trends have this great tendency of repeating themselves. So hold on that article of clothing you once had, because you’ll never know when they will be the fad again. Time to go shopping or checking out your stash of clothes and accessories now!



Image Source: Womens Forum | MonoChromatic Chic | Glamcheck Blog | Fashionologie Blog


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