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Agent 007 is Back in Skyfall

Skyfall logoThe longest running film franchise of all time is about to hit the theaters once again. The enigmatic Agent 007 is portrayed anew by Daniel Craig. Craig attracted media attention when he took lead roles in big movie productions such as Tomb Raider. However, most are unaware that he started as a stage actor and was in fact the alumnus of the National Youth Theatre. This muscle bound hunk is of English descent. He was chosen to play as the unfathomable James Bond after replacing Pierce Brosnan. Craig’s debut on the franchise started in the Casino Royale. His portrayal of the role was first greeted with skeptism but it later earned him an award for the best actor in a lead role through the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

As for the new movie, Skyfall is considered as Bond’s 23rd adventure in the franchise. Readers should be ready for spoilers! The upcoming film synopsis indicates that Agent 007’s loyalty towards M shall be tested. For those who are not familiar with the characters in the Bond universe, M is recognized as the head of MI6, an agency that supplies foreign intelligence. As the story progresses, the whole agency shall be under the threat of annihilation.  As it was in every Bond movie, it will be then up to Agent 007 to save the day. The movie is set to premiere on October 23 in United Kingdom while it is due on November 29 in U.S. theaters.

Fortunately, the production company pursued this project after some delays due to financial difficulties. James Bond movies are known for being expensive due to the needed props. Fans are of course aware that the franchise has earned its fame partly due to the quality of the effects used as well as the explosives or grandeur that spices up the scene.

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Funky and Trendy Celebrity Inspired Costume Ideas for the Halloween Season

Amber Rose Slash costume

Amber Rose Slash costume

Halloween is just around the corner and to spice up this once a year event, it would be cool to prep up parties with funky costumes. However, thinking of unique costumes might be a chore for some people. To gauge the latest costume trends, celebrities are the best setters. They often wear the finest outfits for a specific celebration. As for this month, being either funny or scary is on top of their lists.

Take for example Amber Rose. The feisty lady who became popular as Kanye West’s ex was seen donning a “Slash” costume. Kanye’s ex enjoyed the night as she wore a rocker like outfit that would match the infamous guitarist’s get up. The androgynous outfit is created through simple clothing basics, which are found almost in any female wardrobe. To look like Slash, all that are needed would include leather skinnies, a biker jacket and worn-in band tee. Do not forget the curly hair to cover one’s face. If the Slash outfit is not for the girlie type, then the Honey Boo Boo costume is the fitting choice. A simple frilly dress together with a glittery crown is all that is needed. Coupled with some shiny fairy like shoes and voila! Any female will look like a grown up Honey Boo Boo. Fergie was seen wearing a Honey Boo Boo costume. She does look like the grown up version.

Fergie as Honey Boo Boo

Fergie as Honey Boo Boo

Meanwhile, Doutzen Kroes prefers to be a femme fatale as she wore Catwoman’s latest outfit. It is similar to the original one worn by Anne Hathaway from the recent movie. Men would surely drool if they see some women in such outfit therefore it is highly suggested. They usually like Catwoman’s air of mystery and of course, males would love to see their favorite comic character come to life. However, to have a perfect costume, which looks much like the original; women are suggested to visit some specialty stores. Improvising this outfit will not work unless the one who weaved it is truly a pro. Finally, another great idea is to don the outfit of a sexy female referee. Sexy shorts and a striped shirt would do the trick. As a twist, women may pair the shorts with long and colored socks.

Doutzen Kroes Catwoman costume

Doutzen Kroes Catwoman costume

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Own Father, Renounced by Lohan Siblings

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan - Lohan Family dispute    Lindsay Lohan’s life behind the camera proved to be as dramatic as her on screen roles. The young star is currently facing some family issues that were hugely publicized by the media. This is as if Lindsay’s previous brush with the law is not enough to ruin her morale. To refresh the public’s memory, Lindsay was sentenced for 30 days of jail time and 400 hours of community service after she violated the terms of her probation. This informal probation was her court sentence for necklace theft, which was due until March 2014.

According to the ongoing news reports, Lindsay and her siblings sent a clear message against Michael Lohan, their estranged father. Rumors have it that Michael’s children wanted him to stop spreading lies about them.  Based on an interview from, Cody, Ali and Michael Jr. were enraged about their father’s actions specifically his intervention on Lindsay’s life. According to them, the actions were a desperate move to destroy their family.   Michael Jr. expressed that he find it unfortunate for the public to be invited into the lives of the members of their family due to their father’s lies. As for Ali, the recent attacks on her mother were the last straw. The young Lohan insisted that her father should stop in waging his own personal war against the family. Her statement further emphasized that they do not need Michael’s intervention because they can take care of themselves as they always did through the years without him. Cody on the other hand, stated that his father was never a part of his life and they have no good memories of him. For Cody, his father needed to leave the family alone. Judging from their statements, the Lohan siblings seems to have a uniform impression and decision regarding their father.

Michael’s children were on an all out resentment against their father. This may stem mainly from their father’s previous relationships despite being married to their mother.  Michael Lohan was quite famous for the charges filed against him after his on and off girlfriend, Kate Major charged him with domestic violence.

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Ways to Vanish Age Spots

Treating your Age SpotsBecause of the harmful sunrays these days, facial age spots had become prevalent. For women however, this is an aesthetic disadvantage especially for those who are beauty conscious. Therefore, it is necessary to know some tips, which may be used to battle the damaging rays of the sun and the negative effects of facial age spots.

According to most medical experts, women are never too young to take care of their skin. They should do this to prevent melasma, wrinkles, particularly age spots. As a suggestion, they may take broad-spectrum sun protection on a daily basis. Sunscreen is the best choice for this and experts recommend the use of SPF 30.  On the other hand, women who love the outdoors and are fond of open-air activities should apply SPF 40. If the dark spots were not prevented, then other methods are employed to fight the signs of aging. Clients are tasked to find the retinoic acid ingredient in lotions, anti aging creams and masks. This promotes the fast cell turnovers. Retinoic acid can lift the free cells more quickly than it used to, prior to the onset of wrinkles and age spots. Based on the recent research findings, this acid is one of the forms of Vitamin A. It is particularly effective in eradicating dark spots and fine lines. However, users are warned that the over application of retinoic acid may cause facial redness. As a gentler acid substitute, which is retinol may be used. This acid takes more time to work but it is far effective for various skin types since retinoic acid can cause dryness and light sensitivity. Women may also use Hydroquinone (HQ); it is gaining popularity these days and is considered as a powerful lightening agent. HQ breaks the melanosomes of the skin and stops their production to prevent the hyperpigmentation or the over darkening of the face.

However, dermatologists would obliged the users of these products to apply more sunscreen and to avoid sun exposure altogether since doing so may lead to the extreme facial darkening. To achieve the best skin product results, users of the above stated products are encouraged to exfoliate to even out their skin tone.

Image Source: Sustainable Cross

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Shade of Lipstick for Your Outfit

    No one can deny how a lipstick can change your whole look from head to toe! Among all of the make-ups out there, this brings the whole package. So it is very crucial for girls to choose the perfect shade for your outfit, event and time.

Metallic look– If you aim to pull off a strong personality by wearing metallic accessories with your outfit, it is best to choose a nude lipstick so your look wouldn’t be too overwhelming. However as you would hate your lips to look unhealthy, go for nude cakey ones.

lipstick metallic

Audrey Hepburn inspired look– As girls all know it, the legacy of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn from the 50’s shines through even now. Aside from the dramatic thickness of the eyelashes, her best accessory was her fierce red lipstick. But you would end up looking like Ronald McDonald’s double instead by applying the lipstick wrongly. Put this on with your Little Black Dress and you’re up to beat a night party. You can wear this too at daylight; it’s one of the make-up minimalists’ secrets. Pair this with your denims and you’re good to go.

Audrey-hepburn-vintage lipstick

Sweet clean look– Pair your floral skirt, lacy top and cute doll shoes with pinkish shade of lipstick, through this you get to accentuate your femininity, sweet look that will wow men along your way. However keep in mind to consider the shade. If you are fair skinned, very light pink is perfect for you but if you are tan, a deeper shade must be your pick.

Clean and sweet lipstick look

Androgyny look– Tyra Banks airs this aura effortlessly. How? By embracing strong sultry look. You too can achieve this look without being as tall as she is or without that super big and rich wardrobe, through your lipstick! Try deep plum tones and lipstick with dark shades but not black. Pull off a fierce look by putting on simple yet fierce pieces of top and pants with a wild boots.

Tyra Banks' Sultry Look

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