A simple hit for Gangnam fans

17 Dec


    This October, Psy made a huge break in the music industry with his addictive song Gangnam style. Everyone all over the world may they be young or old dance to the tune of the music hit. At first people just say the music video is funny but when word spread all over the world obviously the majority loved it. The song is welcomed at home, embraced in school and played in malls, parties not just in Psy’s country but internationally.

This production has gained lots of positive and negative criticisms, some are related to its meaning and influence to the youth today and some are to the possible predictions of the world’s destruction on 2012. Gangnam style is said to be based on Psy’s experience in living in a city in Korea which follows the western culture which is known as Gangnam. They say that Koreans are so much into mimicking Western culture and Gangnam is just like the exact portrayal of it, like Vegas in the United States. The video itself shows different scenarios that can be readily associated to American culture. However, the music hit condemns American culture and tries to send a message of contentment. On the other hand Nostradamus once predicted that before the end of the world one sign would include the a 9 digit number controversial to everyone which is believed to be true with Gangnam style, as it is danced all over the world by Hollywood superstars such as Britney Spears and official icons such as President Barrack Obama, hitting million views in Youtube that could reach to a billion views.

Whatever Psy’s Gangnam style may relate to, he surely beat a lot of artists as he ranks number one in Youtube as of this month and influenced a lot of people to dance his style.  There are kids who don’t even eat without the video as their appetizer. This might not be Psy’s intention as the artist said all he wanted was a hit that will be known all over the world. Well, Psy’s prayer was answered and now everyone anywhere would never miss to play a Gangnam style hit.

Image via Viral Blog

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