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02 Jan

    Many of us think that beauty and fashion is only based on the clothes we wear and how we look. This year a fashion designer makes an additional must in this statement – perfume. Perfumes are originally discovered from flowers’ scents and eventually bloomed from different types of aromas. They are adored by people because they add confidence of how good they smell when they get together in events, parties and more so at meetings. How we smell defines how good we handle our hygiene and surely cannot escape any one’s sense of smell. However, perfume brands have gone too far these days, some smell too strong that doesn’t make it appealing to the crowd anymore, but still it depends on the way you like it. And here’s a person who just made it the way she want it.

L’Wren Scott Fragrance

L’Wren Scott Fragrance


L’Wren Scott one of the well-known fashion designers in the industry comes up with a new way to bring out the beauty of every women. Aside from designing clothes for celebrities and TV personnel and her own signature cloth line L’Wren Scott tries to enter the perfumery industry. Our favorite designer believes that perfumes should be just the thing to enhance who you are as a person not to bring you all the way all day. Perfumes shouldn’t be too loud and they should just blend in and make you smell better. She announced her new innovative idea in a sumptuous dinner and celebrities sure laid eyes on her new perfume. She worked with Ralf Schwiger who also worked at Marc Jacobs Men and YSL Baby doll, which ensures her of the best outcome. They designed their perfume to smell spicy and sensual featuring a blend of absinthe, marigold, jasmine, Brazilian patchouli, and musk – all in one bottle – a sure ”must smell”. The perfume will be carried by Barney’s before it is brought to stores all over the world.

If you are looking for a new scent that will absolutely emphasize the unique you and will never over power the real you, try L’Wren Scott’s Signature perfume. From the home of the bests in the fashion industry, you would surely be satisfied.

Image Via: The Window, Insider Fashion Access

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