Who wants Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s baby?

22 Jan


Having a child is one of the best things most couples look forward to. Soon to be dads and moms are excited to have their own babies seeing the resemblance of each of them and having a child that they own from blood to genes. A baby never fails to bring joy to people around. That’s why everyone’s really excited at the birth of a baby. However, a Hollywood couple jokes around of giving up their baby for adoption. A lot of people were quite confused at the couple’s announcement:  is true or not. The expectant couple showed real excitement when they shared in public that they are going to have a baby soon, but now people are intrigued on how true their statement is.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were known to be together in the comedy film Hit and Run. These two comedians shared a happy love story that is envied by many. They both seem to take life lightly in the eyes of the crowd. When Dax announced that he and Kristen is having a baby, he used the statement “Kristen is going to have an elephant”. He practically jokes around even when it comes to quite serious matters and now bigger news that for sure caught the attention of many is up.

Last January 13 during the 70th Golden Globe Awards the couple was spotted in the red carpet and Kristen was interviewed about her expected child with her fiancé. She confidently showed her baby bump and shared a lot about her new and hard experiences during pregnancy. Then Dax came up with a statement that made it quite convincing to others that their not yet ready to raise a child, “We’re giving up the child for adoption”, followed by Kristen’s “If anybody wants it, let us know”.

Quite obvious – the two comedians are just fooling around but who knows maybe a bunch of people are trying to contact them now.

Anyway, whatever is on the minds of these two couples, for sure we’ll get to know about it when the baby comes out and find out in what kind of zany and wacky family will the child belong to.

Image Source: VH1

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