What’s unique? Hot pink sandals and heel less!

25 Jan


Girls have always loved pink. It has been a choice of color that defines and strengthens the identity of being a female. The color pink is interpreted as a color that neutralizes energy from the mixture of red and white it gives balance to the aggressiveness and fullness, it is even used before in prison cells to gradually reduce erratic behavior among prisoners. However, how much red is included in the color would suggest a different meaning as well. As we all know there are different kinds of pink colors, starting from the ordinary colors: regular pink lightened in the version of baby pink and darkened in fuchsia pink. There are even lots of varieties of pink coming out from hot pink, electric pink, carnation pink and a lot more.  With babies the cute baby pink colors would do but for women who would like to look hot and stunning in their girly outfit would probably choose hot pink over all the other hues.

If you’re a pink fan and you would like to show a hip and flashy but elegant style Guiseppe Zanotti’s new design of heels would sure be perfect for you. The pair is made in Italy with genuine leather as the soles, giving you certainty that these are nice and durable finds, it also has silver hardware to add fab and style, a suede upper material that would be perfect for any occasion adding glamour to your feet as you wear them and what’s cool about these heels is that it comes with adjustable ankle straps that will help you fix your heels comfortably and the way you want them. Aside from its striking hot pink color another thing unique about these pumps, that would surely bring attention to you when you walk the halls, is that it is heel-less! People might at first just notice the color of your pumps but eventually would be wondering where could the heel be, fascinating enough the design would still help you walk comfortably without feeling any effort to keep you on your toes. The sole where your toes and part of the feet lies is made thicker and a bit longer so it would support you evenly as well.

If you would want to bring out the pink tigress in you go and get a Guiseppe Zanotti heel less sandal!

Image via: HausofRihanna


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2 responses to “What’s unique? Hot pink sandals and heel less!

  1. pinkpearline

    January 25, 2013 at 11:25 am

    Whats the price ? did you get this pair ? its so sexy

    • bevzhouston

      January 28, 2013 at 6:48 am

      Sure thing sexy! I paid $850.00 for this fabulous pair of pink sandals. Just cant wait to wear this on the very special occasions! 😉


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