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What’s unique? Hot pink sandals and heel less!


Girls have always loved pink. It has been a choice of color that defines and strengthens the identity of being a female. The color pink is interpreted as a color that neutralizes energy from the mixture of red and white it gives balance to the aggressiveness and fullness, it is even used before in prison cells to gradually reduce erratic behavior among prisoners. However, how much red is included in the color would suggest a different meaning as well. As we all know there are different kinds of pink colors, starting from the ordinary colors: regular pink lightened in the version of baby pink and darkened in fuchsia pink. There are even lots of varieties of pink coming out from hot pink, electric pink, carnation pink and a lot more.  With babies the cute baby pink colors would do but for women who would like to look hot and stunning in their girly outfit would probably choose hot pink over all the other hues.

If you’re a pink fan and you would like to show a hip and flashy but elegant style Guiseppe Zanotti’s new design of heels would sure be perfect for you. The pair is made in Italy with genuine leather as the soles, giving you certainty that these are nice and durable finds, it also has silver hardware to add fab and style, a suede upper material that would be perfect for any occasion adding glamour to your feet as you wear them and what’s cool about these heels is that it comes with adjustable ankle straps that will help you fix your heels comfortably and the way you want them. Aside from its striking hot pink color another thing unique about these pumps, that would surely bring attention to you when you walk the halls, is that it is heel-less! People might at first just notice the color of your pumps but eventually would be wondering where could the heel be, fascinating enough the design would still help you walk comfortably without feeling any effort to keep you on your toes. The sole where your toes and part of the feet lies is made thicker and a bit longer so it would support you evenly as well.

If you would want to bring out the pink tigress in you go and get a Guiseppe Zanotti heel less sandal!

Image via: HausofRihanna


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Kelly Rowland made leopard and leather a possible match!

Kelly-Rowland-ALC-Leopard-Print-Jacket-and-Azzedine-Alaia-bootsWould you dare to wear leopard prints in public? Well, if you want to feel sexy and noticeable this would sure do. Some people do all the mix and matching to make them look daringly hot or sexy, most especially during occasions where the camera flashes and there you are to make a statement. However, women find it really hard to use leopard prints to go with. Leopard prints can somehow be out of style, fashion or even off the theme. But amazingly some people can work out on it, making a whole new look that makes the awkward impression on these prints less to none.

Just like what most women won’t dare to try as pairing leopard print and leather our famous RNB singer just did the perfect trick. At her New Year’s Eve concert at Rain Nightclub in the roaring streets of Las Vegas she sure made a strong impression to the audience and caught the eyes of the media. She wore an A.L.C leopard fur savile jacket as her top, zipped it up to her chest to emphasize her cleavage. She used the jacket as her top, a risk to take with the usual pieces used for cover-ups. She paired it with black leather pants that looked perfect with her loud and daring leopard prints, creating balance and a sure check in style. She sure achieved a hot chick look by adding up an Azzeldine Alaia lace-up ankle boots showing every curve from top to bottom and placed her curly hair as a ponytail to look fresh and on the go, just like how tomb raider works with her look but now with an added seductive look. However, Kelly’s make-up got some criticisms because of her pink lipstick that made her lips bigger than the usual, though it is understandable that the artist might have just wanted to add a more feminine touch, but some just thought it might have been better if she used red lipstick to complete the theme of her look. But everything sure looked perfect.

To all the girls out there wanting to try Leopard and leather style, Kelly Rowland just made a good example to follow. A loud top doesn’t need too much accessories, so if you want leopard prints, go plain with the rest of your outfit.

 Image via Mouth to Ears

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Demi Lovato adds up to her life-inspired tattoos.

demi lovato inspirational tatoo     Before, men wear tattoos to show masculinity or to show difference in their status in the society. Some tribe leaders wear tattoos in order to be recognized as the highest authority to be followed even their families’ wear the same as sign of being in the upper class of the society. In rural places this culture is still patronized, but in most areas it is believed that having tattoos can be harmful and toxic for our body cause tint enters a person’s bloodstream. Medical institutions and companies do not allow normal transactions and even hiring if an applicant has a tattoo but even so a lot of people today still put on fancy permanents as additional style in their fashion statement. If in the late 90’s these were definitely avoided by most of the people around the world now it has just become a fashion sensation. Artists, celebrities, politicians, people young or old and even teachers give their selves needle art/s.

Demi Lovato, a great teen singer known for her talent shown in Disney’s Camp Rock discovered her love for the art as well. Demi Lovato’s tattoos are signs of her tributes for the best moments of her life. Each tattoo has its own meaning and representation. Demi has inspirational words and symbols in her right arm. Near her elbow tattoo faith she added birds soaring up to her hand. Her tattoos are made by LA Ink tattoo artist, Von D. whom the singer thanked so much for she loved the final finish in her arm. Her arm tats design can be described as birds flying from the word “faith” which could be interpreted as the place where the birds came from. They fly around her arm forming a chain of birds reaching her hand until the end of the cross she already have there. It could be interpreted that Demi acknowledges that her success at the moment comes from her faith to God that she believes in and many more that the actress and the artist can only confirm.

A lot of amazing and successful celebs have this design of inks in their bodies, birds flying up high, like Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber and Pink. People have their own reasons for having their tattoos done but you could always express yourself in different ways you want. Even if your favorite celebrities have one it is still up to you to get a tattoo or not.

 Image via: Huffington Post

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Smell the real you

    Many of us think that beauty and fashion is only based on the clothes we wear and how we look. This year a fashion designer makes an additional must in this statement – perfume. Perfumes are originally discovered from flowers’ scents and eventually bloomed from different types of aromas. They are adored by people because they add confidence of how good they smell when they get together in events, parties and more so at meetings. How we smell defines how good we handle our hygiene and surely cannot escape any one’s sense of smell. However, perfume brands have gone too far these days, some smell too strong that doesn’t make it appealing to the crowd anymore, but still it depends on the way you like it. And here’s a person who just made it the way she want it.

L’Wren Scott Fragrance

L’Wren Scott Fragrance


L’Wren Scott one of the well-known fashion designers in the industry comes up with a new way to bring out the beauty of every women. Aside from designing clothes for celebrities and TV personnel and her own signature cloth line L’Wren Scott tries to enter the perfumery industry. Our favorite designer believes that perfumes should be just the thing to enhance who you are as a person not to bring you all the way all day. Perfumes shouldn’t be too loud and they should just blend in and make you smell better. She announced her new innovative idea in a sumptuous dinner and celebrities sure laid eyes on her new perfume. She worked with Ralf Schwiger who also worked at Marc Jacobs Men and YSL Baby doll, which ensures her of the best outcome. They designed their perfume to smell spicy and sensual featuring a blend of absinthe, marigold, jasmine, Brazilian patchouli, and musk – all in one bottle – a sure ”must smell”. The perfume will be carried by Barney’s before it is brought to stores all over the world.

If you are looking for a new scent that will absolutely emphasize the unique you and will never over power the real you, try L’Wren Scott’s Signature perfume. From the home of the bests in the fashion industry, you would surely be satisfied.

Image Via: The Window, Insider Fashion Access

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A balm that gives you a healthy smile

Pomegranate Raspberry Lipbalm

December is usually the season of chapped lips. The cold weather easily dries up natural oils and moist excreted by our pores making it dry and prone to breakage. Our glands produce liquid substances that make our skin naturally smooth and healthy, but if these dry up it causes damage in our skin. As winter comes lip cracks and causes irritation, wounds and when worse comes to worst difficulty in eating. This could be every woman or man’s dilemma may they be young or old. But in this generation everything’s given a solution but the question is how effective could they be. Compared to hundreds of lip balm brands all over the world may they be expensive or cheap, EOS made its name to become one of the brands that can give the best results you’ll ever want for lip care.

EOS worked long enough to get the trust of its faithful clients over the years of its existence. Now, they introduce the new member of the lip balm family, EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm. This is infused with antioxidant rich ingredients that would be suitable for all ages enabling full protection of your lips against harmful elements. It has vitamin E, shea butter to sooth the skin and jojoba oil for additional moisture. It also comes with a yummy and zesty fruity flavor that everyone would practically love. The fruity lip balm comes in a spherical tube that is easy store and can be easily used to glide on your lips giving an easy way to use as well. You won’t have any problem using a lip balm that tastes too minty, bitter or oily. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm has the two flavors in one already that would surely be loved by you and children as well for a price of 3.29 USD, the deal is not bad at all.

Though the design of the container itself might not be applicable for men EOS has a variety of designs that could be suitable for everyone. EOS has been keeping its promise for years already as it serves as a –  “lip balm that makes you smile”. May you enjoy the holidays with a big and healthy smile.

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Marni Breaks Boring Perfume Conventions, Releases New Scent for Fun and Eccentric Women

Marnis first perfumeMarni, the renowned Italian fashion label is set to release a new female scent in February 2013, which bears the same name.

The brand was established in 1994 and since then it gained reputation for the use of eccentric prints and playful tailoring. It has also grown so much in the past years and turns over about $100 million annually

According to Consuelo Castiglioni, the Swiss Italian creative head and founder of Marni through an interview with the Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), the perfume will certainly reflect the fashion of the brand.

Castiglioni added that the perfume is individual and does not evoke anything in particular. She imparted that the scent if for a woman who dresses herself, does not follow the trends but is still sophisticated and is a bit eccentric.

The said perfume is produced through a tie up with Aramis as well as at Estée Lauder’s Designer Fragrances division.

One the other hand, the Aramis global brand president Veronique Gabai-Pinsky depicted the scent as very modern and bold.

Aside from the said perfume, Marni’s fragrance line includes shower gel, deodorant, body lotion and body cream.

Marni is bound to debut through an exclusive availability at Saks Fifth Avenue for six months. Afterwards it will expand to 2,000 points for worldwide sales.

More and more fashion brands are releasing their own line of scents these days and it seems that Marni is following the trend Marni 2013 Collection SetNews reports add that the model Raquel Zimmermann is the one chosen to launch the campaign. Based on the released images, which depicts the “new Marni baby”, the perfume is packaged in an adorable chic polka dot print bottle with a red stopper. further stated that the scent is a blend of spicy and woody notes, which is combined with intense rose oil to infuse voluptuousness.

The design of the packaging comes from Castiglioni who has found inspiration in a flea market. According to her, the bottle reflects their concept. She explains that women would want to keep it. The dots meanwhile reflect the concept of the whole perfume. These dots are a play to the proportions of the cap.

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Nail Polish Maven Teams Up with R29 for the Ultimate Beauty Box

Julep Nail Polish

   The nail polish maven Julep has teamed up with Refinery29 to create the ultimate three-month beauty box subscription. This fabulous treat will surely leave most chic gals drooling. Most may expect that the three-month beauty box contain only three nail polish shades. However, Julep is on a generous streak as the nail polish maven included five favorite shades for fall. The colors range from dark shades, metallic and bold. Julep does not even stop there. It even included a bottle of cuticle oil in the subscription.

Patrons who purchased the product will receive an email that will enable them to have a preview of the upcoming selection. Such simply meant that buyers are given the option to choose the color that fits their personality. Aside from these numerous advantages, the pack also boasts of being formaldehyde-free. This ensures the safety of the consumers and their health. Formaldehyde nail polish products are prevalent in the market, and unknown to many they impose some health risks. Formaldehyde is poisonous and it could be lethal at high doses. In addition, it would be great to glam up those dull looking nails before the hectic holidays. As a foretaste of the sumptuous offerings of Refinery29 and Julep, the image of the product is shown through their website.

Both companies are inviting patrons to view the specific colors in the curated Maven Intro box. The beauty box as the site describes it contains a perfect neutral, sophisticated grey crème called Meryl. The second is namely Alfre, a royal metropolitan purple metallic. Third is Gunta, which is a Trina Turk Fall ’12 elevated royal blue crème. Then Hoch, another Trina Turk Fall ’12 but is a mod emerald green crème. Finally, there’s Olivia, which is a rich graceful dark chocolate truffle crème. The cuticle oil, which is mentioned earlier, is included. This oil is special because it contains the natural blend of essential oils and vitamin E. Such combination will hydrate and strengthen the nail as well as the cuticles. By using the oil, the life of the manicure is extended while providing a glossy sheen. Those who have rough cuticles should use the oil to soften them up. Moreover, it is provided in a roller ball bottle that could be applied and carried anywhere.

Image Source: Jenstazz Blog

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