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Portman and her family says hello to Paris!

     It is true that there is no place like home. Everything you have ever known, been to and people been with you can only find in the most comfortable place you have grown. Unfortunately when we grow older, opportunities become varied and wider and this also affects the decision of leaving your comfort zone.

 For sure most of us experienced being far away from our homes and families for the reasons such as education, career and personal missions for self growth. There are risks in leaving the place we are used to stay in and there are also a lot of opportunities to meet new people and to gain more experiences that give us maturity and knowledge about the world around us. One of our famous and favorite Hollywood actress might have had the same dilemma as she decides to go with her husband Benjamin Millepied and son to Paris.

Black Swan - Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman who we know from her outstanding performance in the Black Swan and No strings attached have finally decided to go with her family to Paris as her husband was given the opportunity to manage and direct Paris Opera ballet, a great opportunity for Benjamin and his family’s future and a little inconvenience as well for Natalie Portman’s work, but what’s good about this is that the family will stick together no matter what lies ahead. In New York Times interview with Benjamin, he said that the appointment given to him was a big surprise for there were many candidates for the position who are rightful and competitive as well in this expertise and with this good news he really is very excited of the given trust and opportunity to handle the Opera there. Even so, Nat’s fans out there should not fret for this does not show any signs of the end in her acting career, there are a lot of Hollywood stars who choose to live overseas and continue with the business that they love. For sure a plane’s not that hard for Natalie Portman and besides, the official turnover of the opera to Millepied will be on September 2014 where your favorite star can still make her job easy for the sake of all her admirers.

Benjamin said he’ll be bringing Natalie and their son Aleph with them and they would probably stay there as long as he’s handling the Opera there. Let us just wish this lovely family best of luck in their life and career, for this is a new opportunity for them to explore and mature.


Image via: Not Just Movies

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Restore your hair’s beauty with Herbal essences collections

Herbal Essences.

Women always find it hard to look for the perfect shampoo. With the abrupt changes in our climate our hair finds it hard to maintain a natural and beautiful glow every woman dreams of. When it is very hot outside our hair tends to become frizzy as it loses the natural oils from its glands, it loses it shine and becomes dull and frizzy, when its humid our hair becomes really sticky and dirt can easily stick on the strands of it that damages the hair as well. On the other hand too much coldness also damages the hair; it can make our hair brittle most especially if the weather just suddenly changed from hot to cold. With this kind of weather our hair can also be hard to comb and prone to tangles that induce hair loss as the natural oils dry up as well.

For the search for the perfect shampoo to be over Herbal Essences is bringing back their classic collection of shampoos that made thousands of customers happy and satisfied before. If you have been a shampoo hunter during the 90’s for sure you would remember this set of brands. Herbal Essentials shampoos are known for its floral scent and relaxing herbs that promises perfect touch on the hair that you love. There are two collections to be introduced in the market, the smooth and the shine collection. The Smooth Collection contains natural ingredients that ensure protection and ultimate transformation to your once damaged hair as it contains: rose hip extracts known for its vitamin C content, Vitamin E that is said to be good for your skin and help your scalp produce the right oils to maintain a smooth and shiny hair, and jojoba extracts. The Shine collection on the other hand is a combination of chamomile, aloe vera and floral extracts which are definitely natural resources used to make our hair smooth and shiny as well.

Whether you would like to choose a shampoo from the shine or smooth collections of Herbal Essences, these are already sure good finds for the hair that you love. Herbal and natural products have always given good effects in our body and this makes us certain that these products are safe for you to use on your hair. The product does not contain sulfate and silicon that damages hair follicles so your hair’s sure safe with Herbal Essences. Come on and try it!


Image via FastCompany

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Simple luxury in a bottle

Image     December is known as the season of giving and this Christmas would not be complete if you don’t exercise your right for a break – a simple treat from all the hard work you have given for the whole year. People these days are tired processing all of the deadlines to finish to be cleared before the end of year 2013. Piles of paper works, tons of calls and lots of meetings to attend to makes most out of your day as you count down before Christmas. Too much pressure and physical stress eventually results to body pain, muscular spasms, headaches, skin breaks, breakouts and more. Obviously no one wants to spend a holiday looking battered and a simple but luxury treat is everything that you need.

There’s always a solution for everything and thanks to L’Occitane for making one of the best luxurious treat any woman can get. You don’t really need to go to a spa for a massage or a scrub outside to sooth your skin and make yourself comfortable; everything you need could be in just one bottle which you can always run to at home. L’Occitane products are made of the finest natural ingredients from Provence in Southern France mixed to take good care of every woman’s delicate skin. It has always proven its safety and effectiveness. Body baths, scrubs, masks, lotions and moisturizers are made from all natural oils and minerals that will ensure skin rejuvenation and relaxation making your skin, soft, vibrant and young.

Today’s season they offer a wide variety of products in great discount deals that you’ll surely love. Indulge yourself to a cleansing comfort at home, with sweet scents and soothing baths removing all the bad energy to sweep all the stress away. 

Physical stress and impurities eventually lead to all kinds of bigger problems you might encounter; everyone deserves a quiet time and an outlet to release all toxins. Don’t hesitate to start treating yourself today stop at the nearest malls and ask for available products and most preferably shower oils and scrubs, once you get these go home and have a good time!


Image via BeautyBlogOfAKind blog

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Paris Hints Sarcasm on Tweet about Family

Paris Jackson's Tribute to his Father        Breaking entertainment news reports places Randy Jackson in a repulsive light as he came swinging against the executors of his brother’s estate. According to Randy, the executors were criminals. He added that they falsified Michael’s last will and testament for their own personal gain. The ugly part is that Michael’s daughter, Paris, had a different take on the issue. Based on Paris made a tweet hinting sarcasm which states “Family’ they said”.

Paris Jackson

During Randy’s interview on MSBNBC’s Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, he explained the reason on why he and his siblings disapprove on John Branca and John MacClain’s role as executors. He said that they feel that there was a criminal misconduct. He even claimed that the two faked Michael’s will. Randy is firm on his belief that he can prove that the two faked the document because apparently according to him, MJ was in New York on the day that he supposedly signed the document while in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Randy’s argument has a big flaw since he is relating a story based on a witness who has had only forgotten the city where he was in at the time that the will was signed. Witnesses saw Michael as he signed the document and this was already validated by the court. Moreover, as stated on the TMZ report, even if the will gets invalidated Randy and his siblings were still cut from Michael’s fortune and nevertheless Branca is the legitimate executor.

Randy Jackson        TMZ also indicated that based on their multiple sources, the situation is considered a “money grab”. MJ’s siblings knew that once MJ’s mother, Katherine Jackson dies, the money shall go to his children and Randy as well as the other siblings is not entitled to any amount. The problem of the family seems to be escalating as Katherine was reportedly missing. Previously, the family clarified that she was taken to Arizona to escape the frenzy within the household. It is assumed that this confusion within the Jackson home was caused by the will dispute on Michael’s estate. Some family members such as Marlon Jackson even broke in tears during an interview because he was informed late of the move to transfer his mother to Arizona.

Image Siurce: Corbis Image | Google Image Search

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Cartier and A.L.C. Reinvents Nails


One example was a set of earrings, which were crafted in the shape of a simple nail.

Elle, one of the leading online fashion magazines in the country has featured the new designs of Cartier, a renowned French jeweler and watch manufacturer. The article was about the re-released Juste un Clou. Based on the available images, the jewelries were stunning and mind boggling. One example was a set of earrings, which were crafted in the shape of a simple nail. The resulting jewelry is innovative and functional. At a single glance, it will definitely turn heads. Cartiers re-launched designs would fit the taste of today’s new generation of consumers.

According to Aldo Cipullo, the designer for the house of Cartier since 1969 the simple nail is a symbol for strength and beauty. For Cipullo, his designs were functional, touchable, sleek and warm. He further added that it could be worn 24 hours a day without having problems in the change of clothes. Cartier’s rich history began when a French family of jewelers who now carries the corporation, started the business in 1964. The company served royalties as well as celebrities. Through the changing times, Cartier continues to provide astounding designs that would suit the taste of royalty and patrons who love elegant jewelry from across the globe. Juste un Clou’s earrings would pair well with A.L.C’s large twisted nail cuff. It is antiqued, gold plated cuff features bent nail detailing and it has pointed ends for that edgy feel. Women who would like to emit the aura of power and prestige especially those who belong in the corporate world would surely want this unique accessory.

cartier nails set


cartiernails  Andrea Leiberman designed this cuff and it was described as a complete collection of daring silhouettes, chic separates and perfectly engineered basics. Leiberman’s designs were fueled by the thought that to move forward with fashion is to choose the clothes that you love and be able to wear them repeatedly. This is mirrored through the nail cuff’s, which shows the current image of women within the society. It dares to cross the boundaries of high art and jewelry making. The designs of Cipullo and Leiberman have the same essence, which depicts the portrayal of women these days.

Photo Credits: Corbis Images | Google Search Images


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Peter Som Leaves Hilfiger

Peter Som

The fashion industry is definitely a perilous field. Partnerships as well as tie-ups start and end in an instant. This was proven through Peter Som’s current move. Som is known as one of the best young American designers to date. His collections were featured in major fashion publications that include Vogue, Elle, E, In Style and Harper’s Bazaar. As a backgrounder, the young designer was raised in San Francisco. His parents were both architects and both had a Han Chinese ancestry, which he credits for his ideals of purity or form, composition and function. His stated that his main ideals towards his creations were effortless elegance and refined sexiness.

Farewell Hilfiger

Sadly, he is no longer working with renowned fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger. After successfully acting as a consultant for five seasons, Som is now dropping the gig. According to the latest fashion news, he confirmed this through an interview with Lisa Lockwood of Women’s Wear Daily. This officially ends the lucrative collaboration between Som and Hilfiger.  The designer stated that the parting was made mutually and in good terms. He started as a creative consultant for Hilfiger in 2009 to refresh the image of the label within the United States. Hilfiger would like to work on the company’s image towards luxury customers and bring some modern interpretation to many of the signature styles of the clothing line. During the interview, Som stated that he found it a pleasure to get to know Hilfiger personally. He found the experience an honor and Hilfiger was a wonderful mentor. Som made it clear that he is focusing on his own business and towards other opportunities that were coming his way. On the other hand, Simon Spurr will fill his place for the 2013 spring collection.

Fashion critics were curious towards Som’s shift. For them this might indicate that the famed designer is on the Tommy Hilfiger Logoway to expand his eponymous line. Looking at things on a positive note, the fashion industry should expect that Som would bring edgier outfits and trends through his own clothing line rather than working for Hilfiger as a consultant. All in all this is a welcomed change and an opportunity for new designers to further cement their reputation in the field.

Photo Credits: | Styleite | ExposedZippers

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