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Demi Lovato adds up to her life-inspired tattoos.

demi lovato inspirational tatoo     Before, men wear tattoos to show masculinity or to show difference in their status in the society. Some tribe leaders wear tattoos in order to be recognized as the highest authority to be followed even their families’ wear the same as sign of being in the upper class of the society. In rural places this culture is still patronized, but in most areas it is believed that having tattoos can be harmful and toxic for our body cause tint enters a person’s bloodstream. Medical institutions and companies do not allow normal transactions and even hiring if an applicant has a tattoo but even so a lot of people today still put on fancy permanents as additional style in their fashion statement. If in the late 90’s these were definitely avoided by most of the people around the world now it has just become a fashion sensation. Artists, celebrities, politicians, people young or old and even teachers give their selves needle art/s.

Demi Lovato, a great teen singer known for her talent shown in Disney’s Camp Rock discovered her love for the art as well. Demi Lovato’s tattoos are signs of her tributes for the best moments of her life. Each tattoo has its own meaning and representation. Demi has inspirational words and symbols in her right arm. Near her elbow tattoo faith she added birds soaring up to her hand. Her tattoos are made by LA Ink tattoo artist, Von D. whom the singer thanked so much for she loved the final finish in her arm. Her arm tats design can be described as birds flying from the word “faith” which could be interpreted as the place where the birds came from. They fly around her arm forming a chain of birds reaching her hand until the end of the cross she already have there. It could be interpreted that Demi acknowledges that her success at the moment comes from her faith to God that she believes in and many more that the actress and the artist can only confirm.

A lot of amazing and successful celebs have this design of inks in their bodies, birds flying up high, like Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber and Pink. People have their own reasons for having their tattoos done but you could always express yourself in different ways you want. Even if your favorite celebrities have one it is still up to you to get a tattoo or not.

 Image via: Huffington Post

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