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Agent 007 is Back in Skyfall

Skyfall logoThe longest running film franchise of all time is about to hit the theaters once again. The enigmatic Agent 007 is portrayed anew by Daniel Craig. Craig attracted media attention when he took lead roles in big movie productions such as Tomb Raider. However, most are unaware that he started as a stage actor and was in fact the alumnus of the National Youth Theatre. This muscle bound hunk is of English descent. He was chosen to play as the unfathomable James Bond after replacing Pierce Brosnan. Craig’s debut on the franchise started in the Casino Royale. His portrayal of the role was first greeted with skeptism but it later earned him an award for the best actor in a lead role through the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

As for the new movie, Skyfall is considered as Bond’s 23rd adventure in the franchise. Readers should be ready for spoilers! The upcoming film synopsis indicates that Agent 007’s loyalty towards M shall be tested. For those who are not familiar with the characters in the Bond universe, M is recognized as the head of MI6, an agency that supplies foreign intelligence. As the story progresses, the whole agency shall be under the threat of annihilation.  As it was in every Bond movie, it will be then up to Agent 007 to save the day. The movie is set to premiere on October 23 in United Kingdom while it is due on November 29 in U.S. theaters.

Fortunately, the production company pursued this project after some delays due to financial difficulties. James Bond movies are known for being expensive due to the needed props. Fans are of course aware that the franchise has earned its fame partly due to the quality of the effects used as well as the explosives or grandeur that spices up the scene.

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