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Kiehl’s Art Lotion for a Cause

     The cosmetic industry accounts for one of the world’s biggest expenditures according to studies. In 2005, the world has spent a staggering EUR 70 B/y on cosmetics. Indeed, the cosmetic industry is a profitable enterprise dominated by only a few multinational corporations in Japan, United States, and Europe.

Kiehl’s is an American corporation founded in 1851 as Brunswick Pharmacy. One of its employees, John Kiehl, purchased Brunswick Pharmacy and renamed it Kiehl’s Pharmacy. Under John Kiel’s leadership, Kiehl’s developed new products and expanded its market to beauty products. For more than one and a half century, Kiehl’s continued its bid for excellence and innovation. Today, Kiehl’s is one of the most trusted cosmetic companies worldwide.

This year Kiehl’s collaborated with American artist, Kenny Scharf, to recreate its Crème de Corps set. Kenny Scharf is prominent figure in the East Village art scene during the 1980s. He is famous for his interdisciplinary art scene making sparkly, pop-ed and monstrous paintings and installations. He is also known for his use of images of animated cartoons popular during his childhood, such as The Flintstones and The Jetsons.

Each Crème de Corps has a touch of Kenny Scharf’s creativity that changes the face of cosmetics. Kenny Scharf utilizes vibrant and vivid colors for every Crème de Corps set which will surely ignite the fantasies of women who want to feel invigorated and beautiful. Kenny Scharf has been known for his contemporary art that perfectly complements Kiehl’s taste for sophistication.

The colorfully packaged Crème de Corps by Kenny Scharf lotion which has been a signature product of Kiehl’s for four decades now will surely provide women avid fans a beauty experience like no other. Crème de Corps lotion is considered to the best because of its hydrating prowess that comes from its carefully-picked ingredients, beta-carotene, squalene, and nurturing oils that effectively soften and smoothen skin.

What is even greater for this fabulous product, the Crème de Corps by Kenny Scharf lotion, is that it is exclusively designed for the benefit of children all over the world. Kiehl has been actively participating in charity activities, and this year, it has pledged to donate all net profits from its Crème de Corps by Kenny Scharf lotion to various children charities worldwide.

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