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Shade of Lipstick for Your Outfit

    No one can deny how a lipstick can change your whole look from head to toe! Among all of the make-ups out there, this brings the whole package. So it is very crucial for girls to choose the perfect shade for your outfit, event and time.

Metallic look– If you aim to pull off a strong personality by wearing metallic accessories with your outfit, it is best to choose a nude lipstick so your look wouldn’t be too overwhelming. However as you would hate your lips to look unhealthy, go for nude cakey ones.

lipstick metallic

Audrey Hepburn inspired look– As girls all know it, the legacy of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn from the 50’s shines through even now. Aside from the dramatic thickness of the eyelashes, her best accessory was her fierce red lipstick. But you would end up looking like Ronald McDonald’s double instead by applying the lipstick wrongly. Put this on with your Little Black Dress and you’re up to beat a night party. You can wear this too at daylight; it’s one of the make-up minimalists’ secrets. Pair this with your denims and you’re good to go.

Audrey-hepburn-vintage lipstick

Sweet clean look– Pair your floral skirt, lacy top and cute doll shoes with pinkish shade of lipstick, through this you get to accentuate your femininity, sweet look that will wow men along your way. However keep in mind to consider the shade. If you are fair skinned, very light pink is perfect for you but if you are tan, a deeper shade must be your pick.

Clean and sweet lipstick look

Androgyny look– Tyra Banks airs this aura effortlessly. How? By embracing strong sultry look. You too can achieve this look without being as tall as she is or without that super big and rich wardrobe, through your lipstick! Try deep plum tones and lipstick with dark shades but not black. Pull off a fierce look by putting on simple yet fierce pieces of top and pants with a wild boots.

Tyra Banks' Sultry Look

Image Source: Eyeshadow::Lipstick | Bride Ideas




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