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Own Father, Renounced by Lohan Siblings

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan - Lohan Family dispute    Lindsay Lohan’s life behind the camera proved to be as dramatic as her on screen roles. The young star is currently facing some family issues that were hugely publicized by the media. This is as if Lindsay’s previous brush with the law is not enough to ruin her morale. To refresh the public’s memory, Lindsay was sentenced for 30 days of jail time and 400 hours of community service after she violated the terms of her probation. This informal probation was her court sentence for necklace theft, which was due until March 2014.

According to the ongoing news reports, Lindsay and her siblings sent a clear message against Michael Lohan, their estranged father. Rumors have it that Michael’s children wanted him to stop spreading lies about them.  Based on an interview from, Cody, Ali and Michael Jr. were enraged about their father’s actions specifically his intervention on Lindsay’s life. According to them, the actions were a desperate move to destroy their family.   Michael Jr. expressed that he find it unfortunate for the public to be invited into the lives of the members of their family due to their father’s lies. As for Ali, the recent attacks on her mother were the last straw. The young Lohan insisted that her father should stop in waging his own personal war against the family. Her statement further emphasized that they do not need Michael’s intervention because they can take care of themselves as they always did through the years without him. Cody on the other hand, stated that his father was never a part of his life and they have no good memories of him. For Cody, his father needed to leave the family alone. Judging from their statements, the Lohan siblings seems to have a uniform impression and decision regarding their father.

Michael’s children were on an all out resentment against their father. This may stem mainly from their father’s previous relationships despite being married to their mother.  Michael Lohan was quite famous for the charges filed against him after his on and off girlfriend, Kate Major charged him with domestic violence.

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