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Portman and her family says hello to Paris!

     It is true that there is no place like home. Everything you have ever known, been to and people been with you can only find in the most comfortable place you have grown. Unfortunately when we grow older, opportunities become varied and wider and this also affects the decision of leaving your comfort zone.

 For sure most of us experienced being far away from our homes and families for the reasons such as education, career and personal missions for self growth. There are risks in leaving the place we are used to stay in and there are also a lot of opportunities to meet new people and to gain more experiences that give us maturity and knowledge about the world around us. One of our famous and favorite Hollywood actress might have had the same dilemma as she decides to go with her husband Benjamin Millepied and son to Paris.

Black Swan - Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman who we know from her outstanding performance in the Black Swan and No strings attached have finally decided to go with her family to Paris as her husband was given the opportunity to manage and direct Paris Opera ballet, a great opportunity for Benjamin and his family’s future and a little inconvenience as well for Natalie Portman’s work, but what’s good about this is that the family will stick together no matter what lies ahead. In New York Times interview with Benjamin, he said that the appointment given to him was a big surprise for there were many candidates for the position who are rightful and competitive as well in this expertise and with this good news he really is very excited of the given trust and opportunity to handle the Opera there. Even so, Nat’s fans out there should not fret for this does not show any signs of the end in her acting career, there are a lot of Hollywood stars who choose to live overseas and continue with the business that they love. For sure a plane’s not that hard for Natalie Portman and besides, the official turnover of the opera to Millepied will be on September 2014 where your favorite star can still make her job easy for the sake of all her admirers.

Benjamin said he’ll be bringing Natalie and their son Aleph with them and they would probably stay there as long as he’s handling the Opera there. Let us just wish this lovely family best of luck in their life and career, for this is a new opportunity for them to explore and mature.


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