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Kelly Rowland made leopard and leather a possible match!

Kelly-Rowland-ALC-Leopard-Print-Jacket-and-Azzedine-Alaia-bootsWould you dare to wear leopard prints in public? Well, if you want to feel sexy and noticeable this would sure do. Some people do all the mix and matching to make them look daringly hot or sexy, most especially during occasions where the camera flashes and there you are to make a statement. However, women find it really hard to use leopard prints to go with. Leopard prints can somehow be out of style, fashion or even off the theme. But amazingly some people can work out on it, making a whole new look that makes the awkward impression on these prints less to none.

Just like what most women won’t dare to try as pairing leopard print and leather our famous RNB singer just did the perfect trick. At her New Year’s Eve concert at Rain Nightclub in the roaring streets of Las Vegas she sure made a strong impression to the audience and caught the eyes of the media. She wore an A.L.C leopard fur savile jacket as her top, zipped it up to her chest to emphasize her cleavage. She used the jacket as her top, a risk to take with the usual pieces used for cover-ups. She paired it with black leather pants that looked perfect with her loud and daring leopard prints, creating balance and a sure check in style. She sure achieved a hot chick look by adding up an Azzeldine Alaia lace-up ankle boots showing every curve from top to bottom and placed her curly hair as a ponytail to look fresh and on the go, just like how tomb raider works with her look but now with an added seductive look. However, Kelly’s make-up got some criticisms because of her pink lipstick that made her lips bigger than the usual, though it is understandable that the artist might have just wanted to add a more feminine touch, but some just thought it might have been better if she used red lipstick to complete the theme of her look. But everything sure looked perfect.

To all the girls out there wanting to try Leopard and leather style, Kelly Rowland just made a good example to follow. A loud top doesn’t need too much accessories, so if you want leopard prints, go plain with the rest of your outfit.

 Image via Mouth to Ears

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