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Ways to Vanish Age Spots

Treating your Age SpotsBecause of the harmful sunrays these days, facial age spots had become prevalent. For women however, this is an aesthetic disadvantage especially for those who are beauty conscious. Therefore, it is necessary to know some tips, which may be used to battle the damaging rays of the sun and the negative effects of facial age spots.

According to most medical experts, women are never too young to take care of their skin. They should do this to prevent melasma, wrinkles, particularly age spots. As a suggestion, they may take broad-spectrum sun protection on a daily basis. Sunscreen is the best choice for this and experts recommend the use of SPF 30.  On the other hand, women who love the outdoors and are fond of open-air activities should apply SPF 40. If the dark spots were not prevented, then other methods are employed to fight the signs of aging. Clients are tasked to find the retinoic acid ingredient in lotions, anti aging creams and masks. This promotes the fast cell turnovers. Retinoic acid can lift the free cells more quickly than it used to, prior to the onset of wrinkles and age spots. Based on the recent research findings, this acid is one of the forms of Vitamin A. It is particularly effective in eradicating dark spots and fine lines. However, users are warned that the over application of retinoic acid may cause facial redness. As a gentler acid substitute, which is retinol may be used. This acid takes more time to work but it is far effective for various skin types since retinoic acid can cause dryness and light sensitivity. Women may also use Hydroquinone (HQ); it is gaining popularity these days and is considered as a powerful lightening agent. HQ breaks the melanosomes of the skin and stops their production to prevent the hyperpigmentation or the over darkening of the face.

However, dermatologists would obliged the users of these products to apply more sunscreen and to avoid sun exposure altogether since doing so may lead to the extreme facial darkening. To achieve the best skin product results, users of the above stated products are encouraged to exfoliate to even out their skin tone.

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